Hadoop Summit Europe 2016 will feature two full days of content and 7 tracks dedicated to enabling the next generation data platform. Industry experts, business leaders, architects, data scientists and Hadoop developers will share use cases and success stories, best practices, cautionary tales and technology insights.

Tracks are divided into 7 key topic areas, which will cover:

Apache Committer Insights

Hear from the leaders and committers of the Apache Software Foundation open source projects that make up a broader Hadoop platform. These are the engineers and developers who lead innovation in these projects and they can speak from the an insider's perspective.

Data Science Applications for Hadoop

Insights from the data lake to drive business innovation is key to driving value from Hadoop. In this track, you will hear from cutting-edge Data Scientists and data analyst and data practitioners who are driving innovation in looking for insights across the data , creating scripts and applications to monitor and report against the data stream in real time, and how to connect these insights back to business needs. This track will share tactics and learnings around data applications in Hadoop and Spark, R and other products and projects.

Hadoop Governance, Security, Deployment and Operations

For a system to be "open for business", it has to be open to efficient management and closed to intruders and misuse. This track covers the core practices and patterns for planning, deploying, managing and securing your Hadoop cluster in an enterprise environment. We will also cover best practices for loading, governing and moving data.

Hadoop Application Development: Dev Languages, Scripting, SQL and NoSQL

Every company is a software company, and developers write code that creates and extends value from a company's data lake. This track is the place for developers to hear from the rock stars of the Hadoop community, and learn how these innovators are building applications. You can then take that knowledge back for your own app projects.

Applications of Hadoop and the Data-Driven Business

The open innovation in Hadoop has created a revolution in corporate IT departments. In this track you will learn from the technical innovators at the forefront of this transformation and understand the what, why and how around this transformation at both a technical and business value level.

The Future of Apache Hadoop

Hadoop innovation progresses at a rapid pace. This track showcases new and innovative uses for Hadoop and Hadoop-related technologies such as Spark, Zeppelin and Ambari. Get a peek into the future of how Hadoop innovators are building the next-generation data platform.

Hadoop and the Internet of Things

You have seen the buzz around Apache Spark and streaming data. Sensors, devices, and systems that generate data in real time are driving a revolution in business innovation. This track looks at the state of the art in IoT, including managing devices at the “jagged edge”, strategies and practices for data ingestion and analysis, and best practices for deriving real-time actionable insights from the flow of information.

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