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MeetUp Manchester

This is a group for anyone interested in Big Data technologies, focussing centrally around Hadoop. Great for those who are based in Manchester and surrounding areas. Whatever your interest... whether you've got many years experience or are simply starting out on the Hadoop journey this group might just be the thing you need. Developers, DBAs, Architects, Statisticians, Mathematicians... anyone who has a genuine interest in meeting up to share the knowledge should join. If you want to get involved and present some cool ideas or organise a speaker to attend a meeting then great. Likewise if you just want to come along to soak up the vibe and some great knowledge sharing - that's great too!

HUG Italy

This is a group for anyone interested in big data use cases and technologies


The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many like-minded software project communities of individuals who choose to join the ASF.

HUG Ireland

Hadoop has become a synonym for distributed computing and Big Data. The Hadoop User Group Ireland is a forum to discuss Big Data related questions. Our scope is broad and not focused on a particular Big Data framework. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the benefits and use cases of Hadoop for your project. This also includes a focus on the technology aspects of smoothly running a scalable Hadoop cluster. We will run multiple events and workshops throughout the year. There will be something for everyone: typical Hadoop use cases, technical tips and tricks and best practices, case studies, data architecture, trends and emerging technologies, ROI calculations etc.


This group is a place for all Big Data crunchers (Backend Developers, ETL Developers, Data Scientists, Big Data Analysts and DevOps) who want to learn more about Apache Hadoop, a reliable and scalable open source framework for distributed high-performance computing.

Data Science Oxford

We are a community of data scientists, technologists and analysts who work with data. This Meetup discusses the tools, methods and technologies used to analyse large scale data (big data), obtain predictive insight, and exploit business opportunities from data products.


The Open Data Science Community will bring together the open source and data science communities to help foster the growth of open source software used in data science. The primary focus will be on the languages and tools that enable effective data analysis.Open Data Science Conferences are run internationally and the first European Conference is launching in London autumn 2016. To join us sign up to our newsletter at or join the conversation on twitter @odsc.

Big Data Budapest

Budapest Meetup


BDOOP: The Big Data Operations On Performance meetup group in Barcelona (BDOOP) is a place to meet with fellow sysadmins, data-scientists, researchers, and other curious people to discuss topics and techniques of running smoothly a big data cluster (with Hadoop or similar), and keep it at top performance. This group is not a "learn Big Data" group.  It will be right for you if you want to design, setup, configure, or speedup your big data clusters.

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