Session Speakers

Arpit Agarwal

Member of Technical Staff — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Arpit Agarwal is a Member of Technical Staff at Hortonworks and an active Hadoop committer and contributer. His interests include distributed computing and software performance. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2003.

Abhishek Korpe


Speaker Bio:

Abhishek Dilip Korpe born 3rd January 1993 in Pune completed high school education at Bishop?s High school at Pune. Being state level chess player I have developed a strategically thinking ability which helps me in coding. Currently a final year student at Modern Education Society`s College of Engineering, Pune is doing project with a team at industry for developing and getting insights related to Hadoop. Having a family business which interests me to think with a business perspective gives boost to use technology for more outcomes.

Adam Kawa

Data Engineer — Spotify

Speaker Bio:

Adam Kawa works as Data Engineer at Spotify, where his main responsibility is to maintain one of the largest Hadoop-YARN clusters in Europe. Every so often, he implements and troubleshoots Python MapReduce, Hive and Pig jobs. Adam is a frequent speaker at Hadoop conferences and Hadoop User Groups meetups. He co-organizes Stockholm and Warsaw Hadoop User Groups. He regularly blogs about the Hadoop ecosystem at HakunaMapData.com.

Alan Gates

Co-founder/architect — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Alan is a co-founder at Hortonworks and an original member of the engineering team that took Pig from a Yahoo! Labs research project to a successful Apache open source project. Alan also designed HCatalog and guided its adoption as an Apache Incubator project. Alan has a BS in Mathematics from Oregon State University and a MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also the author of Programming Pig, a book from O’Reilly Press.

Alasdair Anderson

Global Head of Architecture — HSBC

Speaker Bio:

Alasdair is currently responsible for the overall technical architecture at HSBC Securities Services having previously been the Lead Data Architect for the division. Alasdair is also responsible for leading HSBC strategy on Big Data platforms. Prior to joining HSBC in 2008 Alasdair worked as an independent consultant for 10 years, clients included JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Fitch Ratings, Man Investments and the Bank of Bermuda.

Allen Wittenauer

Speaker Bio:

Allen Wittenauer has been involved with Apache Hadoop since May 2007, when he was hired by Yahoo! to bring large-scale operational experience to the fledgling project. His work there helped create the basic blueprints that almost all Hadoop deployments follow today. At LinkedIn, his experience provided key insight and a foundation to its award-winning data science team.

Andrew Wang

Software Engineer — Cloudera Inc

Speaker Bio:

Andrew Wang is a software engineer at Cloudera on the HDFS team. Previously, he was a PhD student in the AMP Lab at UC Berkeley, where he worked on problems related to distributed systems and warehouse-scale computing. He is a committer on the Apache Hadoop project, and holds masters and bachelors degrees in computer science from UC Berkeley and UVa respectively.

Anurag Shrivastava

Head Solution Delivery Centre (Customer and Business Intelligence) — ING Bank

Speaker Bio:

Anurag heads the Solution Delivery Centre (Customer and Business Intelligence) at ING Bank in Amsterdam. His teams deliver analytics solution for the bank using traditional BI and Big Data technologies. Anurag has strong background in Java development using Agile and Scrum and now he responsible for implementing the new data platform using Hadoop and Netezza at ING Bank.

Benoit Perroud

Software Engineer — Verisign

Speaker Bio:

Benoit joined Verisign in 2010 and took the technical lead of the Compute Cluster early 2013. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from EPFL Switzerland awarded with the second best average grade. Benoit is operating Verisign Compute Cluster platform on a daily basis, ingesting, storing, processing and retrieving Internet scale data sets. He is Cloudera Administrator Certified and fluent in French, java.util.concurrent, Hadoop, Pig and snowboarding :) In addition to being a father of two lovely children, he is an Apache Committer, NoSQL enthusiast co-leading the Swiss BigData User Group and frequent speaker at Swiss and European Tech Conferences.

Bert Oosterhof

Director of Technology EMEA – CTO Office — Informatica

Speaker Bio:

As Director of Technology EMEA, Bert Oosterhof is responsible for communicating the technology needs and requirements of key EMEA customers to Informatica’s R&D organisation, as well as communicating and evangelizing architectures and benefits of Informatica technology to the EMEA customer community, analysts and press. Bert has held this position since 2005. Prior to this, he spent over 20 years in the Database and Data Integration industry in various roles, from architect to product manager to entrepreneur and CTO.

Brett Sheppard

Director of Big Data Product Marketing — Splunk Inc.

Speaker Bio:

Brett Sheppard is director of big data product marketing at Splunk Inc. Brett’s career combines roles as a data analyst at Gartner and U.S. Department of Defense and as a product and solution marketer at both large technology vendors and startups. Brett is a certified Hadoop system administrator. Based six years overseas, in Europe and Asia, Brett has enjoyed working onsite across the U.S. and in 35+ countries to help enterprises and public sector accounts evolve their data architectures to manage and benefit from big data.

Cedric Carbone


Speaker Bio:

Chris Nauroth

Member of Technical Staff — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Chris is a software engineer at Hortonworks and an Apache Hadoop committer. He is an active contributor to HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce. Prior to Hortonworks, Chris worked for Disney, where he deployed Hadoop, developed data management solutions on top of it, and was responsible for operational support.

Chris Twogood

Vice President of Product and Services Marketing — Teradata Corporation

Speaker Bio:

He is responsible for marketing Teradata products (database, utilities, and platform), Aster Products and Hadoop as well as Teradata services (professional and customer services), plus technical field sales support teams. Chris has twenty-five years of experience. Chris has extensive experience in the computer industry specializing in Data Warehousing, Decision Support, Customer Management and Appliance platforms. He started his career with NCR in retail Point of Sale solutions (POS), and then moved to AT&T to manage channel development and strategic partners. Then Chris joined Teradata. At Teradata Chris has had roles that span Strategy, Application Definition, Marketing, Product Requirements/Management, Platform Solutions and Product Marketing. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Long Beach with an emphasis in Marketing. He resides in San Diego.

Chris Wensel

Founder and CTO — Concurrent, Inc.

Speaker Bio:

Chris is founder and CTO of Concurrent and lead developer of the Cascading open-source project. Cascading is the de-facto standard application framework for building and deploying large-scale data processing applications on Apache Hadoop. Chris holds over 20 years of industry experience, focusing more than half his career on Big Data and big-audience style problems and technologies. Prior, he co-founded Scale Unlimited, the first Hadoop and Big Data-related professional services and training company, where he mentored companies including Sun Microsystems and Apple, as well as numerous Bay Area startups. Today, Chris continues to advise several startups in the Big Data space.

Ciaran Dynes


Speaker Bio:

Claudio Martella

Researcher — VU University Amsterdam

Speaker Bio:

Claudio Martella is a fetishist of graphs. He is a researcher at the Large-scale Distributed Systems group of the VU University Amsterdam. His topics of interest are large-scale distributed systems, graph processing, and complex networks. He has been a contributor to Apache Giraph since its incubation, where he is a committer and a member of the PPMC.

Colin McCabe

Software Engineer — Cloudera Inc

Speaker Bio:

Colin McCabe is a Platform Software Engineer at Cloudera, where he works on HDFS and related technologies. Prior to joining Cloudera, he worked on the Ceph Distributed Filesystem, and the Linux kernel, among other things. He studied Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.

Denis Shestakov

Senior researcher — Aalto University

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Denis Shestakov is an experienced computer science researcher who has an extensive experience in terabyte-scale data processing (from web documents to multimedia collections) using Hadoop/MapReduce. See his profile at LinkedIn: http://fi.linkedin.com/in/dshestakov/

Devaraj Das

Engineer, HBase contributor, Hortonworks Founder — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Devaraj Das, co-founder Hortonworks, has been working in the space of Hadoop and the ecosystem in general for many years. He has made significant contributions to Apache Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Hadoop Security. He is a committer on Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Ambari, Apache Tez, and a Mentor on a couple of Apache projects. He is currently working with Hortonworks and is contributing to HBase actively.

Doug Cutting

Chief Architect — Cloudera

Speaker Bio:

Doug (@cutting) is the founder of numerous successful open source projects, including Lucene, Nutch, Avro, and Hadoop. Doug joined Cloudera in 2009 from Yahoo!, where he was a key member of the team that built and deployed a production Hadoop storage and analysis cluster for mission-critical business analytics. Doug holds a Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and sits on the Board of the Apache Software Foundation.

Dragan Tomic


Speaker Bio:

Edward Bortnikov

Senior Research Scientist — Yahoo

Speaker Bio:

Edward Bortnikov is a senior research scientist at Yahoo, where he leads scalable systems research at Yahoo Labs Haifa. His interests broadly span large scale distributed systems, search, big data, and networking technologies. He published 20+ scientific papers in these areas. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 2008. Prior to that, he worked in technical leadership positions at IBM Research, Mellanox Technologies, SANgate Systems (now Sepaton), and Tandem (now HP) Labs.

Enis Soztutar

Apache HBase, Hadoop, and Gora PMC member — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Enis Soztutar is an Apache HBase, Hadoop, and Gora PMC member and member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has been using and developing Hadoop ecosystem projects since 2007. He is currently working at Hortonworks as a part of the HBase engineering team.

Florian Douetteau

CEO — Dataiku

Speaker Bio:

Florian is Dataiku’s Chief Executive Officer. Florian started his career at Exalead, an innovative search engine technology company. There, he led a R&D team of 50 brilliant data geeks, until the company was bought by Dassault Systemes in 2010 for $150 million. Florian was then CTO at IsCool, a european leader in social gaming, where he managed game analytics and one of the biggest european cloud setup. Florian also served as freelance Lead Data Scientist in various companies, such as Criteo, the European Advertising leader. Florian speaks regularly at technical groups such as the Open World Forum or the Paris Java User Group.

George Herber

Regional Sales Manager Northern Europe — HP Vertica

Speaker Bio:

George Herber works within the HP software division and is responsible for the sales of HP Vertica, one of the big data solutions of HP. He has been working in business analytics for over 25 years. He started working at SAS and introduced this business analytics environment to many commercial companies in the trade and industry. In 2002 he decided to enrich his working experience in the service industry. He was responsible for the business unit BI. With all his experience he joined HP in 2012 to be a part of HP’s strategy to meet customer’s challenges regarding big data.

Gopal Vijayaraghavan

Performance Engineer — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Gopal Vijayaraghavan is a late entry into the hadoop game, having started working on it in 2012. He works on hive and Tez as part of the Stinger initiative, fixing query performance at scale.

Gunther Hagleitner

Lead Developer — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Gunther Hagleitner has been contributing to various hadoop projects for over four years both at Yahoo! as well as Hortonworks. He is an active committer in the Apache Hive project as well as a PMC member of the Apache Tez project. Before Hadoop, Gunther has been working on database technology for more than a decade. At Hortonworks he is leading Hive efforts in the Stinger project – delivering performance and SQL capabilities in the ecosystem. Gunther holds has a MS in Mathematics from the University of Konstanz.

Hariprasad Kuppuswamy

Software Engineer — Verisign

Speaker Bio:

Hari currently works as an engineer for the Compute Cluster platform at Verisign. His background is in internet scale distributed systems built around Hadoop ecosystem and NoSQL engines. He loves programming, traveling and anything about sports.

Jason Lin

Data Engineer — Yahoo

Speaker Bio:

Jason Lin is a Taiwanese who is in charge data-related projects in Taiwan Yahoo, He is an experienced Java, Pig, MR programmer and also familiar with recommendation model such as CF, content base. He is responsible to provide the recommendation solution for Taiwan Shopping which is the one of EC property in Taiwan, and in charge of leveraging science-related technology to Hadoop platform.

Jean-Baptiste Note

Software Engineer — Criteo

Speaker Bio:

Computer Science PhD. from ENS ULM (Paris) Currently software engineer at Criteo

John Santaferraro

Vice President of Marketing — Actian

Speaker Bio:

John Santaferraro is the Vice President of Marketing for the Actian Analytics Platform at Actian. Prior to joining Actian, Santaferraro was an independent industry analyst in the business intelligence and analytics market. Before that he developed and executed a vertical market strategy for Hewlett Packard’s business intelligence group, focusing on energy, communications, retail, healthcare and financial services. At Hewlett Packard, he was also instrumental in helping establish the new business intelligence business group with a combination of solutions, products, and consulting. In 2000, John founded a marketing and sales consulting company, Ferraro Consulting, providing business acceleration strategy for technology companies. Along with business intelligence executive positions in Compaq Computers and Tandem Computers, Santaferraro co-founded a venture-backed, data warehouse startup company, Virtual Integration Technology, that was later sold to Teradata as SeeCommerce.

John Schitka

Big Data Solution Marketing — SAP

Speaker Bio:

John Schitka, is a Solution Marketing Manager on the SAP Big Data Solution Marketing team.  His focus in the SAP Big Data arena is largely on Hadoop and SAP HANA smart data access capabilities. A graduate of McMaster University, he holds an MBA from the University of Windsor. He has worked in product marketing and product management in the high tech arena for a number of years, taught at a private college and has co-authored a number of published text books. He has a true love of technology and all that it has to offer the world.

Juergen Urbanski


Speaker Bio:

As the Chief Technologist of T-Systems, Juergen Urbanski is responsible for the development and application of innovative technologies with the goal of growing revenue and profitability. Juergen has a distinctive track record of leading and supporting technology-enabled business transformation at McKinsey, NetApp and Deutsche Telekom. He has also spent 10 years in Silicon Valley serving Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and Symantec on product development issues. He presents this talk in his capacity as a Board Member Big Data & Analytics of the German IT Industry Association BITKOM.

Karthik Ramasamy

Staff Data Scientist — LinkedIn

Speaker Bio:

Karthik Ramasamy is a Staff Data Scientist @ LinkedIn Security, keeping the site secure against fraud and abuse by malicious users and botnets. He is also responsible for Hadoop data security and teaches Hive to product managers. He earned CS Master`s from Columbia university, specializing in Machine Learning.

Kathleen Ting

Technical Account Manager — Cloudera

Speaker Bio:

Kathleen is currently a Technical Account Manager at Cloudera where she helps strategic customers deploy and use the Hadoop ecosystem in production. She has spoken on Hadoop, ZooKeeper, and Sqoop at many Big Data conferences, including Hadoop World, ApacheCon, and OSCON. She?s contributed to several projects in the open source community and is a Committer and PMC Member on Sqoop. She is a co-author on the “Apache Sqoop Cookbook.”

Kim Nilsson

Managing Director — Pivigo Academy

Speaker Bio:

Kim Nilsson is an Astrophysics PhD who, after spending seven years studying to most distant galaxies in the Universe, decided to go into business. She did an MBA, followed by working as a risk management consultant. She is currently Managing Director of pivigo recruitment and pivigo academy, two companies dedicated to working with PhDs looking to enter commercial roles, especially in Data Science. She is the main organiser of the S2DS ? Science to Data Science ? summer school.

Konstantin Boudnik

VP Engineering — WANdisco

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Boudnik, Director of Advanced Technologies at WANdisco, is one of the early developers of Hadoop and a co-author of Apache BigTop, the open source project that focuses on building community around the packaging, interoperability testing, and delivery of Hadoop-related projects. With extensive experience in software development, including Hadoop, analytics, Git, distributed systems and more, Dr. Boudnik contributed to multiple open source projects in the storage and data processing area.

Konstantin Shvachko

Chief Architect — WANdisco

Speaker Bio:

A veteran Hadoop developer and well-respected industry author and speaker, Konstantin Shvachko is a technical expert specializing in efficient data structures and algorithms for large-scale distributed storage systems. Konstantin is Chief Architect at WANdisco, which he joined through the acquisition of AltoStor, a Hadoop-as-a-Service platform company. Konstantin played a lead architectural role at eBay, building two generations of the organization’s Hadoop platform. Prior to that he worked on the Hadoop Distributed File System as Principal Hadoop SE at Yahoo! He is currently a member of the Apache Hadoop PMC. Konstantin has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Moscow State University, Russia.

Kostas Tzoumas

Postdoctoral researcher — TU Berlin

Speaker Bio:

Kostas Tzoumas is a postdoctoral researcher at TU Berlin and technical lead of research projects related to the Stratosphere open-source platform. Before joining the Stratosphere team, Kostas studied at NTUA (Greece), Aalborg University (Denmark), and the University of Maryland (USA), and worked at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA on cloud computing aspects of Microsoft SQL Server.

Lars George

EMEA Chief Architect — Cloudera

Speaker Bio:

Lars George has been involved with HBase since 2007, and became a full HBase committer in 2009. He has spoken at many Hadoop User Group meetings, and conferences such as ApacheCon, FOSDEM, QCon, or Hadoop World and Hadoop Summit. He also started the Munich OpenHUG meetings. Lars now works for Cloudera, as the EMEA Chief Architect, acting as a liaison between the Cloudera professional services team and customers as well as partners in and around Europe, building the next data driven solution. He is also the author or O’Reilly’s “HBase – The Definitive Guide”.

Loic Le Bel

Developer Lead — Criteo

Speaker Bio:

MD engineer from MinesParisTech, Currently developer lead at Criteo

Mahmoud Parsian

Senior Architect — NextBio (part of Illumina)

Speaker Bio:

Mahmoud Parsian, Ph.D. in Computer Science, is a practicing software professional with 30 years of experience as a developer, designer, architect, and author. For the past 15 years, he has been involved in Java server-side, databases, MapReduce, and distributed computing. Dr. Parsian is currently with NextBio (part of Illumina) and developing scalable regression algorithms, DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq pipelines using Java, MapReduce/Hadoop/HBase, and open source tools.

Marco Mantovani

Manager — Iconsulting Spa

Speaker Bio:

Marco Mantovani was born in Bologna (Italy) in 1982. Computer Science Engineering degree from University of Bologna. Former Research Fellow at University of Bologna. Since 2008 he has been working for ICONSULTING on several Business Intelligence projects on both Public and Private sector. He founded the ICONSULTING Location Intelligence R&D team and is now responsible for Innovation and New Technologies.

Martin Willcox

Director, Big Data Centre of Excellence, Teradata (International) — Teradata Corporation

Speaker Bio:

Martin is a “poacher-turned-gamekeeper”, having been a Teradata customer for several years at Co-operative Retail before joining Teradata as an Enterprise Architecture consultant in Autumn 2004. Martin holds a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Sheffield and a Postgraduate Certificate in Computing for Commerce and Industry from the Open University; is married with three children; and is a lapsed supporter of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Mayank Bansal

Principal Engineer — ebay

Speaker Bio:

Principal Engineer @ ebay, Hadoop and YARN contributor and Oozie PMC and committer

Michael Hausenblas

Chief Data Engineer — MapR Technologies

Speaker Bio:

Michael is MapR’s Chief Data Engineer, helping people to tap the potential of Big Data by bridging the technical (reliability, scalability, etc.) and the business side (RoI, TCO, etc.). His background is in large-scale data integration, the Internet of Things, and Web applications and he’s experienced in advocacy and standardisation. Michael has been using NoSQL datastores and Hadoop ecosystem components since 2008 and nowadays he’s sharing his experience with the Lambda Architecture and distributed systems through blog posts and public speaking engagements. Michael is contributing to Apache Drill, a distributed system for interactive, ad-hoc analysis and query of large-scale datasets.

Moritz Uhlig

Software Engineer — XING AG

Speaker Bio:

Moritz Uhlig is a Software Engineer in the Data Science team at XING. He has more than ten years of experience in developing data-intensive applications on the JVM. He is a Scala and Hadoop enthusiast, an advocate of clean, non-blocking code and loves to cook.

Nilo Calvi

Associate Partner — Juice Reply

Speaker Bio:

Nilo Calvi is Associate Partner within the Reply Group, leading consulting and system integration firm. His responsibility cover the development and management of Juice Reply, devoted to the Big Data technology development. Earlier Nilo served as CIO, line manager and technology expert in several major manufacturing, insurance and consulting firms acquiring a 360 degree vision of the main business process and related technological solutions.

Norman Huang

Engineer — Yahoo!

Speaker Bio:

I am a data engineer in EC data team, Yahoo! Taiwan. I`m now responsible for BI platform and insight-finding using data mining algorithms. Aiming to build up an easy use of self-service BI platform connecting to Hadoop.

Omkar Nibandhe


Speaker Bio:

Complete name, Omkar Sanjay Nibandhe, born on 11th January 1992 in Pune, India completed the basic education from St. Francis High School at Nashik, India. The further interest in computers tends to research in current ongoing projects and explore the various domains and their interlinking to make designs for the futuristic use of the same. Currently a final year student at Modern Education Society`s College of Engineering, Pune is doing project with a team at industry for developing and getting insights related to Hadoop. Parents having expertise in automobile background working in industry for last 30 years guide with an experience from time to time.

Owen O'Malley

Co-founder and architect — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Owen O’Malley is a cofounder and architect at Hortonworks, a rapidly growing company that supports customers using Hadoop. Owen has been working on Hadoop since the beginning of 2006 and was the first committer added to the project. In the last 8 years, he has at various times been the architect of MapReduce, Security, and now Hive. Before working on Hadoop, he worked on Yahoo Search`s WebMap project, which was the original motivation for Yahoo to work on Hadoop. Prior to Yahoo, he wandered between testing (UCI), static analysis (Reasoning), configuration management (Sun), and software model checking (NASA). He received his PhD in Software Engineering from University of California, Irvine.

Phill Radley

Chief Data Officer — BT

Speaker Bio:

Pritam Damania

Software Engineer — Facebook Inc.

Speaker Bio:

Pritam Damania is a software engineer at Facebook Inc. He has worked on HDFS and HBase for over two and a half years at Facebook. He has spent most of his time tuning HDFS performance for the Facebook Messages usecase of HBase. He has also spent considerable effort implementing and productionizing Facebook’s AvatarNode HA solution. In addition to this he has also spent time developing features in HDFS required for HBase backups. Pritam Damania holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook.

Ranadip Chatterjee

Big Data Consultant — Optimo Cloud Consulting Ltd

Speaker Bio:

Ranadip Chatterjee is an independent Big Data consultant with over 12 years experience in product design, engineering and service delivery. He has worked as a product engineer at Yahoo, among others, and has extensive experience using Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Storm and related technologies to build large scalable big data solutions. Currently, he works as a strategic big data consultant, enabling clients to build strong and coherent big data adoption strategy with measurable ROI. Alongside his consulting work, he is pursuing an MBA at London Business School.

Roman Kucera

Head of Technology and Research — Ataccama Corporation

Speaker Bio:

Roman started to work as an MDM consultant in Ataccama in 2010. For the last year, he has been in charge of Ataccama?s Hadoop product line development. This role included collection of requirements from existing and prospective Hadoop-using clients in various verticals (banking, manufacturing, pharma and healthcare) and designing solutions for them.

Sanjay Radia

Architect and Founder — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Sanjay is founder and architect at Hortonworks, and an Apache Hadoop committer and member of the Apache Hadoop PMC. Prior to co-founding Hortonworks, Sanjay was the chief architect of core-Hadoop at Yahoo and part of the team that created Hadoop. In Hadoop he has focused mostly on HDFS, MapReduce schedulers, high availability, compatibility, etc. He has also held senior engineering positions at Sun Microsystems and INRIA, where he developed software for distributed systems and grid/utility computing infrastructures. Sanjay has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Seetharam Venkatesh

Engineer and Apache Falco and Knox committer — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Seetharam Venkatesh works at Hortonworks Inc. leading the data integration development efforts. He is a committer on Apache Falcon and Apache Knox and is an active contributor to Apache Oozie, Apache Sqoop and Apache Flume. He was part of the Hadoop team at Yahoo where he built data management solutions. He has been involved in Hadoop and contributed to many open source projects in the ecosystem over the last 6 years.

Sharad Varshney

Systems Architect — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Varshney is a Big Data Architect with Hortonworks Inc with more than 15 years of consulting experience in various industrial verticals. Mr. Varshney has successfully created and implemented a Big Data & Data warehousing strategy to various companies in Retail, Health Care, Telecommunication and Utility sector. Before joining Hortonworks, Mr. Varshney was in Business Applications (ERP, Tivoli) implementation business with IBM Business partner, where he lead many successful implementations for Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Power Generation companies. He loves technology and everything about it, his hobby these days is to create cheapest, smallest Hadoop cluster.

Sharon Kirkham

Director Kognitio Analytics Center of Excellence — Kognitio

Speaker Bio:

From working directly alongside innovative clients to her role as director of the Kognitio Analytics Center of Excellence (KACE). Sharon is passionate about using maths to bring commercial value to businesses of all sizes. For 10+ years, she has been involved in utilising complex mathematical techniques to drive business strategy for major retailers, financial organizations, and telecommunications firms in both the UK and US. Sharon acknowledges she is probably now considered to be a data scientist.

Siddharth Seth

Member of Technical Staff — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Siddharth Seth works as a software engineer at Hortonwork, where he works on the Apache Tez project and the Apache Hadoop project, with a focus on YARN and MapReduce. He is a member of the Apache Tez PPMC and the Apache Hadoop PMC. Prior to this he spent several years working on search platforms and Oozie at Yahoo.

Simone Ferruzzi

Research and Development — Iconsulting Spa

Speaker Bio:

Simone Ferruzzi was born in Bologna (Italy) in 1985. Computer Science Engineering degree from University of Bologna. Since 2011 he has been working for ICONSULTING on several Business Intelligence projects and in the Research and Development area. Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop in June 2013.

Srikanth Sundarrajan

PPMC and Apache Falcom Committer — Inmobi Technology Services

Speaker Bio:

Srikanth Sundarrajan works at Inmobi Technology Services, helping architect and build their next generation data management solution. He is a PPMC and committer of Apache Falcon besides being actively involved in various projects under the Apache Hadoop umbrella including HDFS, MR, Oozie. He has been working with distributed processing systems for over a decade and Hadoop in particular over the last five years.

Stephan Ewen

PhD candidate — TU Berlin

Speaker Bio:

Stephan Ewen is a Ph.D. candidate and the primary architect and developer of the Stratosphere platform since its inception. Stephan has worked at IBM Almaden Research Center (USA), Microsoft Research (USA), and IBM Development Laboratory Boeblingen (Germany) and studied at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and UCSB (USA).

Steven Sit

IBM Program Director - Big Data Customer Engagements — IBM

Speaker Bio:

Steven Sit is a Program Director in IBM’s Silicon Valley Research and Development Lab where the IBM’s Big Data platform is developed and engineered.  Steven and his team help IBM’s customers and partners evaluate, prototype, and implement Big Data solutions as well as build Big Data deployment patterns.  For the past 17 years, Steven has held key positions in a number of IBM projects, including business intelligence, database tooling, and text search.  In his early career, Steven was a developer and software architect in Lotus and IBM Services divisions.  Steven is a regular speaker in Big Data and Cloud Computing conferences worldwide.

Sumeet Singh

Product Management, Hadoop — Yahoo!

Speaker Bio:

Sumeet Singh is Head of Products for Cloud Services and Hadoop at Yahoo responsible for Product Management, Customer Engagements, Evangelism and Community Development, and Program Management for the Cloud Engineering Group. In this role, he also leads the Hadoop products team responsible for both Apache open source contributions and Yahoo projects. Sumeet has 15 years of Product Management, Product Development, and Strategy Consulting experience in the technology industry. Sumeet earned his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and MS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY.

Sumit Mohanty

Apache Ambari Committer and PPMC member — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Sumit Mohanty works at Hortonworks on the Apache Ambari project. He is an Apache Ambari Committer and PPMC member. He is currently working on managing long lived YARN application. Prior to joining Hortonworks he has worked for several years at Microsoft on various aspects of system management and monitoring. He holds a PhD from University of Southern California.

Tamas Jambor

Data Scientist — BSkyB

Speaker Bio:

Tamas Jambor is a a data scientist at BSkyB. He has a Ph.D. in machine learning and information retrieval from University College London, where he studied applications of recommender system. He works across multiple business units within the organisation helping stakeholders understand what values Big Data and Machine Learning can offer them. He works on various scalable applications of recommender systems and other machine learning techniques.

Taylor Goetz

Member of Technical Staff — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

P. Taylor Goetz is an Apache Storm committer and release manager and has been involved with the usage and development of Storm since it was first released as open source in October of 2011. As an active contributor to the Storm user community, Taylor is lead on a number of open-source projects related to Storm. Specifically, he has developed numerous technologies that enable integration of Storm into the enterprise. He has also authored a number of open source storm projects which enable enterprises to integrate Storm into heterogeneous infrastructure.

Ted Dunning

Committer, PMC member — Apache Software Foundation

Speaker Bio:

Ted is Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies Ted has held Chief Scientist positions at Veoh Networks, ID Analytics and at MusicMatch, (now Yahoo Music). Ted contributes to several Apache open source projects including Hadoop, Zookeeper, Mahout, Drill and Storm. He is a committer and PMC member for Mahout, Drill and Zookeeper. He bought the beer at the first Hadoop User Group, but is still going strong.

Tianyou Li

Big Data Architect & Engineering Manager — Intel

Speaker Bio:

Tianyou Li is a senior software architect and leads a team in the Big Data Platform Engineering Group, takes responsibility for developing Intel Distribution of Hadoop. Prior to Hadoop, he has Lead in several Intel security related products design and development, including Intel Expressway Cloud Access 360, Intel Expressway Identity Broker, and Intel Expressway Service Gateway Designer. He also worked on Intel XML acceleration project and developed the world first parallel XSLT processor at Intel.

Vinay Shukla

Director of Product Management — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Vinay Shukla is the Director of Product Management – Security at Hortonworks. Vinay is a veteran of enterprise software with a focus on security. Previously, Vinay has worked as Product Manager, Developer, and Security Architect. When not working, Vinay is found on a Yoga mat or on a hiking trail.

Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli

Member of Technical Staff — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli is the Hadoop YARN and MapReduce guy at Hortonworks. He is a long term Hadoop contributor at Apache, Hadoop committer and a member of the Apache Hadoop PMC. He has a Bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in Computer Science in Engineering. He has been working on Hadoop for more than 6 years and he still has fun doing it. Straight out of college, he joined the Hadoop team at Yahoo! Bangalore where he worked on HadoopOnDemand, Hadoop-0.20, CapacityScheduler, and Hadoop security, before Hortonworks happened. He is passionate about using computers to change the world for better, bit by bit. He is reachable at twitter handle @tshooter.

Yusaku Sako

Member of Technical Staff — Hortonworks

Speaker Bio:

Yusaku is a member of technical staff at Hortonworks, where he focuses on designing and developing Apache Ambari’s web frontend. He also serves as the PMC Chair for the Apache Ambari project. He holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.


Zoltan Prekopcsak

CEO — Radoop

Speaker Bio:

Zoltan Prekopcsak is an experienced researcher in predictive analytics and a practitioner as a data science consultant. He has been involved in various projects in telecommunications, financial modeling, neuroscience, and many more. He has been a data scientist at Secret Sauce Partners where he created a patented technology for predicting customer behavior. Zoltan is now co-founder and CEO of Radoop, a big data analytics company that provides an advanced analytics interface for Hadoop.